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Core - Year Round

Hey Mama - Mother's Day 2022

Oh What Fun! - Winter 2021

I don't know about you, but the Holiday season is one of the romantic times of the year. Love is truly in the air, but not always in a Saint Valentine's way; instead it's the love of Nana's homemade cookies. It's also in the way you take time out to decorate your tree with those you love. This collection is inspire by that love. Although COVID has robbed us of so many opportunities to bask in Holiday fun, we hope this collection will bring you memories that let you know that you are not alone. We will have fun and love again!

Inclusive, warm, and familiar, 4609 Orchard Avenue was the house that everyone called home. From immigrant to runaway teenager, Come as you are was the rule and love was the enforcer. It gave us a constant through every life event. You never felt alone at Orchard Avenue, the air alone embraced the most painful parts of my soul and made me feel God. It taught me a tenacity and sacrifice without ever demanding it of me. It showed me that laughter could be found in grief and in struggle. It made me. Orchard Avenue was taken away from us, two years ago, but I still feel it in the wind. This collection is about finding your pillar this Autumn; cozy, welcoming, and familiar. 

Welcome to Orchard Avenue! 

These candled are still completely safe, they just don't look so pretty. Usually this means the colors have run so the decoration(s) are not as crisp and clean as our others.

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