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divine feminine (summer 23)


I found myself in a season of searching for the source of strength that comes when I have absolutely nothing left to give but still I must give my all. This is the story of so many women, and people, that I know.


   "where does this divine feminine strength come from and how do we acquire it?"



On my living room floor, in a shirt covered in the day's yuck and in a pool of tears, I found myself looking for the goddess outside of me to heal the goddess within. I turned to these 7 for reassurance and realignment. 


Further back then we can recite, I believe these goddesses instilled these fundamentals which make up the divine feminine. I turned to these 7 for reassurance and realignment.


With reminders to nurture these parts of ourselves, we regain the energy that allows us to

be resilient even when we think we are incapable.

My hope is that this collection reminds you that this divine feminine energy is always within you.


*divine feminine energy exists in us all. regardless of sex,regardless of gender. Although I put my meditations and affirmations here, it is you who chooses to believe.I mean no ill will in sharing this with you.

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