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2022 Spring/Summer 

In the 90s, you could find me sitting on the floor in the living room watching "Sailor Moon". As a teenager, you could find me in Little Tokyo eating Mochi and reading Manga. It didn't take much for me to fall in love with Japanese culture, but what really captivates me is their art & their food.


For this collection, I summoned BUD (my inner child) and she has led me back to my appreciation of Japan. Together, we revisited Little Tokyo, in Los Angeles and were re-inspired.

As we prepare for Spring, I encourage you to truly take the time to invest in the you that will blossom. This collection is named after the Japanese way of life, Kaizen. Kaizen translates to continuous improvement. Every small change contributes to the larger plan. Focus on the present while staying diligent. Soon you will blossom in all the ways you imagine. This Spring, I bring to you scents to invigorate you on your path.

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