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Description: Citrus, sugarcane, musk


Potency: loud  


Manifestation/Call to Action: I call upon the Goddess Amaterasu, Japanese Sun Goddess and I thank her for the Sun. I ask that you remind me of the joy I create in others and the joy I am capable of creating for myself. May I always remember to focus on shining internally more than I portray that I do externally. I ask that your rays continue to deter dark clouds of depression and feelings of unworthiness. May they continually grant me the opportunity to be nourished simply by being in the presence of the sun.  


History: Amaterasu is the Japanese Sun Goddess.  The story tells of Amaterasu’s annoying little brother working to undo all her good deeds. This angered and her so much so that she closed herself inside of a cave. The world was in chaos without her light. The other Gods worked hard to lure her out of the cave and once they got her attention, they held a mirror up at the crack of the cave. When she saw herself, she immediately fell back in love with herself. With her distracted, the Gods shut off the cave so she could never hide her light again. Her light energy reminds us to find harmony in all our relationships.