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Description: Arugula root, vetiver, grapefruit 


Potency: Mild/Medium 


Manifestation/Call to Action: I honor and call upon the Orisha Goddess Aja who reminds me that healing can only be found with nature. I play an organic being, natural and belong in this ecosystem even when I don’t feel accepted. I ask that I always feel grounded when my feet kiss the Earth. I ask that even in an office building, I hear the songs of the trees. I express gratitude for the plants, herbs, and mushrooms that nourish me. May I continue to trust this growth process; it is chaos but it is natural. 


History: Aja is the Orisha Goddess of the Forest and wind. She is known for being the protector of the trees, forest and it’s animals. She is known for using herbs to heal all those who ask of her.