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Description: Cocoa Butter, Cedarwood, Nutmeg 


Potency: loud  


Manifestation/Call to Action: I call upon the Goddess of Love and Confidence, Oshun. I ask that she be with me in rooms where I feel less than. There is a beauty that makes each of us unique but comparison and assimilation rob of us honoring it. I express gratitude for all of the attributed that make me different. No matter my size, no matter my body shape, there is still beauty within me. I do not need to prove it to anyone but myself. I ask for patience as I grow in falling in love with myself.  


History: Most known as the Goddess of Love, Divinity, and of the Sweet Waters, Oshun was sent to work with male gods to create a world. When they ignored her, she left instead of demanding respect. Her departure dried up the world without her love and water, it fell to drought and thus no life could thrive. The male gods were scorned for not valuing her and quickly begged for her to return. This revived the world. Her unwavering confidence allowed her to know her worth without demanding others see it.