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Description: Top: Carrot, Pimento Berries, tahitian vanilla, sandalwood 


Potency: Loud  


Manifestation/Call to Action: I call upon the Goddess Medusa to remind me that there is power in my anger. My anger consumes me and produces a spiteful energy that gets shit done. It has broken glass ceilings, it has put me in places where I was not welcomed, and it has awakened me after every breakup returning me to myself. It has given me the courage to conquer every goal.  May you continue to push me outside of my comfort level. May we honor the pain life has given us and turn it into unrelentless rage.  


History: In Greek Mythology, Medusa is known as a Gorgon. Once a beautiful mortal, Medusa was a priestess of Goddess Athena but was cursed after breaking her vow of celibacy with Poseidon. Striped of her beauty, she was also cursed with snake-like hair and anyone who looked at her was turn to stone. There are two stories that discuss how Medusa’s celibacy was broken. One a story of sexual assault and another of consent.