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Description: Top: Coconut Cream, Cilantro, Lichi


Potency: loud 


Manifestation/Call to Action: I call upon the Mayan Goddess Ixchel and I thank her for the Moon.  As the moon controls the tide, I too am meant to experience the ebb and flow of my emotions. How often have I given all of my attention and energy to others instead of myself? I ask for guidance in understanding them and processing them. I ask that you continue to remind me that I am whole in every phase of this life. 


History: Ixchel is the 16th Century Mayan Goddess of the Moon. The story tells of a forbidden love between her and the Sun God. After trying to run away together, her grandfather sent the Sea God to intervene. In the process, Ixchel was died but was brought back to life by nature’s love. Once reborn, she again ran away with the Sun God. Her beauty made the Sun God jealous of losing her. This jealousy ran Ixchel off. When the Sun God begged for her return, she listened but he grew more jealous and hit her. Afterwards, Ixchel ran away into the night sky to be amoungst the stars so she would never have to see the Sun God again. There she guided night travelers through the night and used her healing powers/energy to cure those in suffering.