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1.2oz Wax Melt =  4 squares

1.8oz Wax Melt = 6 squares


Description: Limoncello Seltz is a refreshing blend of fresh lemons combined with the calming notes of mint and a subtle touch of lime. A limited edition scent profile available in our Hello Verano! Summer Collection.  


Potency: Light/Medium – Depending on which room you place this candle, it will be felt and experienced. For a more intimate experience, we suggest using this in small to medium sized rooms.

Call to Action: Do you remember the first time you went to the mall? I do. Hours and hours of walking next to the swaying hip of my mother as she walked every aisle of what seemed like every store. Even as a kid, it felt daunting to go to the mall but there was always something to look forward to. As we made our way in and out of each and every store, I knew we would eventually get within an eye shot of the Food Court and none of this would be in vain. Glimmering in Red, Yellow, and Blue, the Hot Dog on a Stick sign called my name like a Siren. My mouth always watered knowing we were so close. It wasn’t their decadent flaming pooch on a popsicle stick that called to me but it was their LEMONADE! It was always so perfectly cold, not too much ice but not skimpy either. It was sweet. It quenched. It made me feel whole. That is the aroma I have created with Limoncello Seltz; that first sip of lemonade after an exhausting day. The kind that can only be made better by following it with a nap. The combination of fresh lemons and brandied mint, unlocks this memory. Take a sip, Summer has officially begun!,


Musical Influence: Summer Breeze – Seals & Croft


Ingredients: We use natural Soy wax. Soy wax has a tendency to create sink holes and create a frosting affect. This is perfectly normal in natural soy waxes and does not affect the function of the product. Burn Time: 1 cube = about 3 – 5 days of fragrance performance Phthalate Free Fragrance Hand-Poured

Limoncello Seltz - Wax Melt

PriceFrom $5.00